1.5°C Wayfinder is an interactive community resource that disseminates the latest and best analysis and evidence showing that achieving 1.5°C is possible, affordable, and beneficial.

Wayfinder will serve leading corporations, subnational governments, and national policymakers who are committed to keeping the 1.5°C target alive. As part of this goal, we also support existing sectoral change initiatives and goal-setting organizations that are helping decision makers to align strategy and policy to achieve the 1.5°C goal.

The Team

Wayfinder is hosted and implemented by RMI’s strategic analysis and engagement team.

Charlie Bloch, Principal
Lena Hansen, Managing Director
Rudy Kahsar, Manager
Katie Mulvaney, Senior Associate
James Newcomb, Managing Director
Yuki Numata, Associate
Nick Pesta, Associate
Jun Ukita Shepard, Associate
Adefunke Sonaike, Associate
Laurens Speelman, Principal
Madeline Tyson, Manager
Guy Wohl, Associate

Contact us at ambition@rmi.org

Advisory Group

We have an advisory group that helps inform the design and prioritization of Wayfinder activities.


Wayfinder’s network of partners includes leading knowledge providers and sectoral change coalitions at the forefront of developing and applying advanced tools for understanding and driving systems change.

Council for Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)
Center for Climate-Aligned Finance
Climate Champions Team (Race to Zero / Race to Resilience)
Oxford Martin School
Potential Energy Coalition
Climateworks Centre


Wayfinder is currently funded by generous contributions from Delta Environmental and Educational Foundation and individual RMI donors.