1.5°C Wayfinder is an analysis toolkit and engagement platform to guide high-ambition climate action among leading companies, subnational governments, and policymakers.

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Pathways Explorer

Limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C requires a dramatically reimagined future energy system.

Climate and energy system scenarios bring different options for this future to light.

Here you will find curated insights, comparative analysis, and ideas for complementary approaches that improve access to and usability of energy system information.

Pathways Explorer
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Transformation Toolkit

Most models and forecasts underestimate aspects of how systems change, assuming that transitions will unfold gradually rather than quickly.

Transformation Toolkit provides research, analysis, and modeling that illustrate how systems change rapidly and how to accelerate change. The toolkit helps decision makers design ambitious emissions-reduction plans, business strategies, and policies that take advantage of the dynamics of such changes.

Transformation Toolkit
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Practitioners Forum

The Practitioners Forum connects decision makers and strategists at the forefront of setting and implementing 1.5°C-aligned goals alongside leading systems change analysts and innovative modelers.

We share and apply best practices on how to drive transformative change and provide collaboration support for existing sectoral or regional decarbonization initiatives.

Practitioners Forum

The 1.5°C Wayfinder Manifesto


Throughout history, explorers, athletes, adventurers, inventors, entrepreneurs, survivors, and revolutionaries have defied conventional wisdom to overcome seemingly impossible challenges. This is how humans have survived extreme adversities, traveled and populated the earth, built machines that fly, ventured to the moon and back, and achieved countless other extraordinary feats. This is what we do. This is how we grow, learn, and transcend — by courageously taking up the most extraordinary challenges.

Today, human societies face an unprecedented challenge, one that for the first time brings us together across all places and cultures because it is truly global in character. We are at a turning point for humanity and the Earth — one driven by climate change — as we approach 1.5°C average global temperature increase. Actions taken in just the next few years could determine the trajectory of life on Earth for millennia.

We see at least four arguments for focusing on 1.5°C as a long-term goal for climate action.